(C60 recycled)

A liquid journey into sweet synth cacophonies and magnetic tapes filtering leads you to a magical sound path where breathing is the destination

Artwork by MP
Release date: 22/05/23
SA24  GELBA / FLUCHT split (C60 recycled) 

Another chapter of synth destruction and sonic aura at Gelba headquarters
Flucht is still Gelba , plus Riccardo Poli on sequencer/synths
Artwork by MP 
SA23  LUCE CELESTIALE El Duodecimo Planeta(C46)

Cosmic tones in a playful improvisational field - echoes of a distant almanac - materializes through filtered voices and raw tape hiss
Altered alchemical gaze sees new realities emerge
Devid Ciampalini (New Jooklo Age, Alga Alma..) and Lorena Serrano struggling with synth tones, tapes squeaks, vocoder and acoustic reminiscences for a deep and intense vibrational trance.

Edition of 30 copies
Artwork by MP
SA carton series 04
SYSTEMET Zelo (3"cdr)


Zelo is the dialect name for a mountain of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park, on who’s peak, high 2083m, this music was recorded. November in the alps is grim and wet, the tracks are all iced, the forests immaculate and silent. The trek is long, dangerous yet peaceful and magical. It is two of us climbing the rocky top, trying to grab anything that came out of the snow in search of grip. Our backpacks are full of speakers, amps, food and ELI, one of our synthesizers. On the mountaintop, after five hours of cautious hiking, we get a complete view of the Dolomites and Prealps; immersed in solitude in this extreme and metaphysical context, we deploy Systemet in quadriphony. Enjoy the result! Enjoy the Nekrodrone!

E.L. | Systemet

Artwork by MP

Edition of 20

Release date: 24/12/21
SA22  MELTING MIND Tussio Session  
     (C90 recycled)

On New Year's Eve, 2020 a group of wild friends met to play music 
and party in a remote and uninhabited location in central Italy. The result of these sessions was more than 3 hours of raw material
recorded directly on tape through a cheap tape recorder. Tussio Session contains about 90 minutes of that fully improvised
sonic experience, where the intensive use of magnetic tapes, modular
synths, out-of-date keyboards and horns creates off-axis electronic
moods layered in different shades.
Screwed drones, liquid squeaks, hints of acid keyboards, meditative 
clarinet solos in a free form cauldron: f
or lo-fi abstract electronic lovers! 
Line up: David Vanzan/Virginia Genta/Cristiano Carosi/
Michele Mazzani/Matteo Poggi
Troglosound / Swollen Avantgarde edition
Artwork by Virginia Genta 
SA21  CRINAL SESSIONS  (tape - zine - 3"cdr)
        Dona Ferentes / Systimok / Nuado

In November 2020, three naturally mystical musical sensations went to an awesome location in the Apennines and played their live sets immersed in the holy paeceful woods of Casentino (italy)...4 different projects of stray musicians met in the Casentino forests on November 2020 for a new path of musical alliance and spiritual renaissance.
A concrete emanation of an idea still in fieri, a close connection between musical performance, trekking in abandoned areas and alpine pastures, a balanced relationship to re-discover empathy!
Minimalistic ritualism meant to be experienced directly in loco, though in this box you will find the entire live sessions in a tape (df/ nuado) and a mini cdr (systemet/ imok), it contains also a tiny little 'zine with infos/credits and poetry contributes by Giovanna Demarchi.
Boxset edition of 66 copies.
Co-released with COdA, Hyperborean Fire Prod. and Lonktaar rec
SA20  NUADO / SYNTAX FREE split (C40)

Syntax Free draws an imaginative connection between radical lo-fi
electronics and acoustic / prepared guitar
SF are Enrico Pasi ((esoteric astrologer and metal enthusiast))and
Matteo Poggi ((SA head/ring modulator))
Nuado lingers on soft and sort of meditative hypnotic patterns that 
springs from old synths and DIY sequencer/devices
Nuado are Gabriele Gotini ((Videobasic, Sfulmini)) and Matteo Poggi ((itself))
Two colours cover: blu and light grey
Artwork by MP 
Limited to 15 copies  
Release date: 1/08/2021 
SA19  REVERBERALL Senza Dilei (C60 recycled)

Reverberall is the moniker under which lies Riccardo Poli (Kranio Strasciolto, Eclisse Cremisi) struggling with prepared tapes and stomp boxes. Evocative, obscure and emotional soundscapes are screwed into melancholic, dense ambient textures where distant lyrics serve as wildflowers in a no beat area. 

Artwork by MP

Edition of 31 + 2 artist copies


SA18  MELTING MIND Volume II (C60 recycled)

Second chapter from this open collective, which include members of Sfulmini and Jooklo Duo. Silly key/synth particles reverberates into tons of distorted oddities and guitar skronk -- solid melt
Line up: Virginia Genta, David Vanzan, Enrico Pasi, Matteo Poggi

Artwork by MP

Edition of 50 hand numbered copies 

     (C50 recycled)

As part of the mighty Bruital Orgasme, Philippe has always been busy with distorted and frenzy sounds and odd frequencies. This tape is more quiet evocative and field recs-based material mixed with spoken words and silence, goofy stories and hallucinating themes

Artwork by Philippe Cavaleri and Alice Achaques

Co-released with lonktaar rec

Edition of 41 copies

SA16  SFULMINI Aulonia (C60 recycled)

New project between me, Michele Mazzani and Gabriele Gotini (both , respectively part of Gelba and Videobasic) dedicated to soft minimal tape/ scourged synth sounds and to field-recs caught hiking through the rocky slopes of the Dolomites

Acrylic-painted art, sprayed tapes limited to 35 copies

Co-released with lonktaar rec

SA15  CITY DRAGON Eole (C60 recycled) 

An intriguing urban trip thru tribal tech sounds, reverberating loops, folk debris -- a rutilant mirage of a golden dawn on broken mirrors

Edition of 30 + 4 test press copies

Artwork by MP 

SA//  GELBA - Electric hiking thru the deep valley of sonic madness (box / 3x C-90 + 3x C-60) 

A massive collection of Gelba recordings, rehearsals and live gigs from 2010 to almost nowadays...this is a monster re-press of a cassette (every copy was unique) originally released on swollen avantgarde (SA Carton Series 02)
It features a booklet with all the infos you need, a map insert and some strange stuff all included in a recycled tape box with silkscreened cover

Limited edition 10 copies

Co-release with Lonktaar rec 


SA14  GELBA Alpine Range tour 2017 (C20) 

Limited edition cassette featuring previously unreleased material recorded thru January/March, 2017
Available only at the live shows

Edition of 15. 


SA13  Bear Bones Lay Low - Visions from limbus

New magical opus of rumbling electronics and heavy-smoked psychedelic deliciousness by our fav warrior Ernesto Gonzales...Seven tracks, a  mystical journey into bleak, crippled mantras, and hallucinating keyboardism!

Co-released with Lonktaar in an edition of 64 copies (two different versions: blue tape/yellow case - yellow tape / black case and blue art)

No overdubs No pose


SA carton series 03
VARIOUS - Protesi Acustiche XI 
(recycled C90 + C60)

A massive document of Protesi Acustiche XI, recorded live direct on tape at Dirtmor / Treviso - Italy // 28th Feb 2015

The bill included:


This box includes two tapes with the entire live sets, one credit insert, the flier of the night, and a silkscreened box cover. Co-released with Lonktaar rec
Limited to 30 numbered copies


Gelba deliver some intense tape loop extravagantia, and sweet melodies totally buried into a swamp of analog delay mess; HFO are Michele Scariot (dokuro,nodolby) and Asley Facchin, from Belluno, purchasing abrasive and hyper-distorted guitar heaviness
Pro-dubbed tapes limited to 60 pieces, art by Michele Mazzani and layout by Michele Scariot
Co-released with Dokuro, Fanculo and Lonktaar rec



Try/Give Up is the result of an experiment of self-improvisation, i.e. a simulation of a band, in this case a (pseudo) quartet, that improvizes. Actually each instrument is dubbed, starting from the drum, one take, and cut for a final arrangement that tries to mantain as much as possible the initial improvisative attitude

Co-release w/t Hysm? rec
Edition of 60 copies



Immersed in liquid-venus 
lying in snow beds
of empty kingdom

Edition of 20 hand-numbered copies
Artwork by MP 


SA09  GELBA fire-spitting ravines (one-side LP)

This monstre is simply a single track of more than 20 minutes of sulphureous guitar / tape manipulation droning aura. 
This slab of crumbling sounds was recorded live at Die Sonnenstube / Lugano on October 2013, while some few individuals could experience it in its purest form. 
Again, this torn in your spine is a good exercise in heaviness, it's the spectral realm of Gelba
Co-released with Lonktaar Rec in an edition of 99 regular copies + some few ART editions

Cover silk-screened by Compost + insert by MP

SA08  NATURALISMO / FEMALE EDITION split (recycled C-60)

Naturalismo is a free form project of Gabriele De Seta (Monstres par Exces rec, Caligine, Cassa Ufficio Malattie Tropicali)
Side 1 is a live impro for borrowed guitar and effects, reminding the birth of a demented beats which evolves under the plaster

Female Edition is my solo stuff, Side 2 is a home recording i made before touring with Gelba early 2014, playing guitar and tapes and loops and fx and recording on pure analog cassette

Edition of 25


Spastic freak jazz flows

Total running time: 01:03:59

Edition of 19 + 4 artist copies 


SA Carton Series 02
GELBA  Electric hikings thru the deep valley of sonic madness (C90)

Each cassette documents the original recording of two of the first twenty Gelba live gigs, recorded direct on tape thru an old ITT recorder. Each copy is unique and part of an edition of 10, each of which contains two different live recordings.

For Lo-Fi cult lovers.

Edition of 10


SA Carton Series 01
DONA FERENTES  Gluschaint Box (C50 + 3" cd-r)

"This box contains some never-recognized and nearly lost recs made between 2011 and 2013"

Tapes and guitars evoking the poetic suggestions of Grischun valleys and the rough pine and beech forests of Casentino

Edition of 10 hand-made carton box with tape, three inches cd and tons in inserts.


SA06 STEFANO SPATARO Solquest is dead (but i'm fine, thanks!) (CD-R)


Concrete fields opera in a pasolinian empathetic embrace



Lo-fi psych gtr/vox contortions

Artwork by MP

Edition of 11 


Electro acoustic field impro recorded on a hill near Selva di Val Gardena (BZ), at the base of Dolomiti's mountain.

electric guitar - 9V battery amp - fx - shakers and pendants - harmonica - tape recorder

Edition of 15 


SA03  ENRICO PASI Cosmesi (CD-R)

mellow acoustic guitar impro surrealism

Handmade artwork made cutting a variety of photo prints of the windows of the Chartres cathedral.
Edition of 15

SA02  RIASNI DROVA CONSORT Close enough to see the sheep (C40)


 Acoustic lo-fi free folk from Ukraine
side A is a meditative journey thru the rough land of impro-psych-acoustic-folk
side B is an obscure version of a traditional scottish song named "Ca' the yowes"

"all of our recording sessions are in some way an extension of singing stuff at home, even if no voice ends up in the final version.  and i cut a couple of verses from our recording of "ca' the yowes" because we botched them...  so it's incomplete on the tape, but better for that"

Cover print by Marvin Malone (1962)
Edition of 24


SA01  VOMIR & TORBA UnstableGeometry (7")


white side @ 45 rpm | black side @ 33 rpm 
325 copies w/t artwork by 108 []

5€ + shipping

co released w/t
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