Noises from the basement vol.13

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Noises from the basement vol.13

Welcome to the dungeon

Sabato 7 Aprile h.21

Dietro il progetto NYVOZ si cela Michele Mazzani (Dona Ferentes, Videobasic, Lonktaar records).
In questa sua nuova creatura propone un agglomerato di black metal, ambient e dungeon synth tra i più scabrosi che possa emergere dalle buie viscere del tempo e dello spazio.
NYVOZ tenta un approccio disincantato e trasversale al genere, utilizzando nastri, tape loops, chitarra, voce e synth.

first tape "The vessel of the Black Fly" out soon on TLFOD
nyvoz is GNAAG : guitar, tapes, loops, synth, screams...


Female Edition riverbera, su ampli Orgaphon, echi a nastro deformanti, tape loops e tastiere minimali.
Il progetto, nato nel 2011, nella sua ultima incarnazione trae diretta ispirazione da luoghi reconditi dell'arco alpino ed alle conseguenti esperienze possibili, direttamente connesse agli stati di coscienza.

Meaning absolutely nothing, the name Venta Protesix gathers the sprawling work of a composer self-confined to the isolation of not belonging to any musical genre or scene.
By overdriving perversity and derangement into recursive fractalizations of digital noise, Venta Protesix is as unpalatable to serious computer music listeners as he is too abstract and alienating for pedal-bashing harsh noise audiences. His one true goal is to design sound with the specific, single-minded purpose of generating physical distress in his listeners.
Sounds like: The most annoying harsh noise band of your dreams trapped in a laptop along with a 56k modem that survived the 90s.
New electronic noise for a generation of romantic shut-ins.

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