january update

in the work of "suoni dalle dolomiti" c-50 tape..

During the time of June 2012 me and my friend Davide had a really skinny trip thru the Dolomites, eating & sleeping into his nasty Volkswagen van. After a couple of days of hiking thru the distant lands of Fanes valley, we moved to Selva di Val Gardena (BZ). Soon in the afternoon we were looking for a good place to relax and to stop for the night, at the base of the mountains.
Finally, we reached this amazing sunny hill above Selva di Val Gardena called Daunei, where we could see the majesty of Sassolungo's north face and, farther, the Sella Group massif.
In a short time we pulled out our instruments - an electric guitar and a 9V battery amp and a couple of fx and some shakers and pendants and an harmonica and a tape recorder - and started playing & recording outside, in the sun, at the pure presence of nature and spectra of the woods ---mp, '13