HysM?o59 - Claudio Cataldi / Female Edition - (Split c32)

from hysm? site:
Claudio Cataldi is a songwriter from Palermo, Italy. He has released so far two recods with The Woolshop Productions and he also loves composing small soundtracks. His main inspirations are 60's acid rock, british new wave, 90's stuff, demotapes, high school notebooks, trees, cats. Sideline is an acoustic EP, a small diary of summer-autumn 2011, recorded in 2012, then sent in the U.S. to Claudio's good friend Keith E. Prater who mastered it and then sent it back home. Female Edition is an anonymous and intimist musician. His side is about lovers suicide against body destruction leaves swirling in a depressive stain of poetry redemption and the sun burned in dim light.