10 questions to --arabian horses--

arabian horses are Alexey Yuhalov and Nikolay Erushev from Moscow

arabian horses throw up primitive outraged drumming filled by simple repetitive syncopate obsessive guitar lines

arabian horses makes rotten lo-fi droney noize scum at its best

arabian horses makes cathartic lysergic live sets

arabian horses are one of my favourite noise acts of the moment.

1) where did you record your track for our split on Toxic Industries?

- we recorded it in the basement of a grocery store

2) when did you become interested in making music like this?

n: when we failed to play hip-hop

a: when i began to play drums in 'mine milk my mother'

3) what kind of places do you usually play in moscow?

- clubs, dance schools, libraries, streets

4) who are the people in your town/area you think are doing cool stuff?

- 'love cult' - that's a girl and a boy and they are totally love cult. they are very popular in europe by now. and these guys have their own label "full of nothing" we gonna release our split on with 'asian women on the telephone'

'asian women on the telephone' -do not only play very good music but also make great performanses during the gigs. moreover, they are really proud of becoming more 'underground'

'tot kexit' - guys we played many gigs and drank a lot of vodka with. they can make ideal soundtracks for cartoon-movies

other nice bands are: 'madlene', 'menopause' (it's a project 'madlene' bass-player), 'svaee', 'glina'.

n: 'uSSSy' and 'i'm above on the left' make the most amazing albums in this country (Alexey yawning).

a: '2h company' - they play nerd-hip-hop, but i don't really know if this band still does exist.

5) what's the first record you bought?

a: hand-made tape compilation of 'boney m' in belarus

n: 'the prodigy' "the fat of the land" tape

6) what's a perfect day for you?

a: nice shiny day i spend with my friends having no thoughts in my head

n: the day birds don't sing

7) which is yr favourite food?

a: food i make myself

n: watermelone, rare meat, tomatoes, cheese, oysters, bitters

8) can you describe your sound in your own words?

- we could really explain it easily, if didn't deal with it

9) how did you settle on the name Arabian Horses?

n: i watched a movie, called "waltz with bashir" and there was a very sad story about slaughtered arabian horses. in fact that's a shitty movie.

a: in fact that's an amazing movie /

10) what colour is your sound?

n: grey

a: deep red